Neemrana Overview with Zip Lining, the Perfect Bird’s Eye View

Zip Lining

This one is for the adventure enthusiasts. When you travel to Neemrana, make sure to experience Zip Lining. Flying high at a speed of 40 kilometres per head, this encounter is exciting escapade. While zip lining, you will cover about five different hills, with the entire route spanning over the imposing construction that Neemrana Fort is. There can be no better way to capture the beauty of this destination than to zip line right through the heart of it!

In its essence, zip lining is an activity which involves sliding from a higher altitude to a lower altitude. With its hilly terrains, Neemrana Fort is the perfect place for this stimulating activity. The zipline route is 400 meters in its length, and the entire activity takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

The five zip lines of Neemrana include Qila Slammer, Where Eagles Dare, Pussy Galore, Goodbye Mr Bond and The Big B. Located at a considerable height, these zip lines provide bird’s eye view of the entire Neemrana Fort and the exquisite beauty of the surrounding Aravalli Hills as well.

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