Winter Vacations In Neemrana

Best-Business-hotel-in-NeemranaCome Winters, and those in Delhi and surrounding areas are looking for quick getaways. A Long weekend drive coupled with some great resting time at a good hotel is what everyone wants. If you are amongst those looking for great options, look no further than Neemrana.

Neemrana, on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, is a great place to spend a weekend. Here are some reasons why you should choose this quaint little town as your next weekend getaway destination.

For the wildlife enthusiast, Neemrana has the great Sariska Tiger reserve and for the historian in you, there are umpteen number of forts and palaces to research into. For the pious, the Talvriksha offers solace and for the athletic, there are many small hills and rocks that you can trek.

All in all, a complete family destination and a great hotel to stay at, The Days Hotel Neemrana.

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